What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in a layman term can be defined as a process where-by you promote people products on your platform in other to receive a thank you payment (Which is commission) if the person you refereed end up buying the product you are promoting.

What is affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing
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The product(s) you are promoting can be the product of a company or an individual

You see, When it comes to online income, affiliate marketing is the most effective way to earn passively, and it is just so amazing that a lot of people have not tapped into this golden niche.

Well if you do not understand what is Affiliate marketing, continue reading to learn everything about this popular passive income niche.

I heard about affiliate marketing from a friend when i was still in the university, and I was surprised to know how something so simple, profitable and powerful is not taught in the college.

Count yourself lucky as you have bumped into my article of affiliate marketing.

However, being a starter as an affiliate marketer can be a big challenge because there is a lot of doubt whether if it affiliate marketing really works, can i really succeed in affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer, if i am promoting a product will people buy from me?

Before, you embark into the journey of being an affiliate marketer what is motivating you to venture into affiliate marketing? Well my motivation to start affiliate marketing is determination, the zeal to learn and apply out of the box strategies, and how badly i really want to quit 9 to 5 job and live a free life the key here is your zeal to learn, and how badly i want to live a free life.

I think i have accomplished all this working 3 to 6 hours a day on things matters to me. Not even a single day of my online career, has felt like pressure or something I didn’t wanted to do.

The only differentiator is that i did not cheat my way up. Those 6-8 hours of work was complete dedication, and based on my years of experience, I could definitely say:

Any reasonable person could start making at least $1000 per month by practicing affiliate marketing and applying it’s strategies every day for 3 hours.

I am still working a 9 to 5 job, how can i make out time to learn affiliate marketing?

Relax and keep reading as we dive into details and more technicalities of affiliate marketing as we move ahead in this free course, but for now, lets learn the basics.

currently digitalmarketingww has accomplished and is living his dreams

It would not have been possible if I did not take the risk of abandoning my 9 to 5 Job to pursue my dream. When I think about this, I find it really amazing as for how my life transformed when I took the bold step of starting something of my own.

I honestly feel that you too and others reading this blog (post) can achieve this so why not go ahead and break the limits? you can go beyond your limitations if you are determined.

With my Affiliate marketing tutorial, here is what you will learn:

What is Affiliate Marketing
How to start Affiliate marketing
How to Start Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Channel
How to Start a Blog and Market Affiliate products

Quick Tips on How to Start Affiliate Marketing

  • Choose a Platform for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Choose a niche you are good at.
  • Research for the best affiliate programs and products.
  • Create a site or Build a YouTube Channel.
  • Create impressive content.
  • Build quality audience.
  • Promote your affiliate product(s) to your audience.
  • Always repeat step 3, 5 and 7.

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing and we are going to talk about few of them here.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Channel

Before you think of starting affiliate marketing with YouTube, think about what you have to offer. If you start a YouTube channel can you build quality audience?

Build audience in affiliate marketing
Build audience in affiliate marketing

If you can keep up with putting out impressive content in your niche (Make sure the niche you choose is profitable) go ahead and create a YouTube channel; make sure to fill it with quality videos because by so doing you will build strong audience who like, comment and recommend your videos.Once you see that your channel is now established and loaded with enough subscribers, you can now start to share your affiliate products to your audience but there is a problem;

How can you find a profitable affiliate product to promote? what is the best affiliate program and how can you find it?

Choosing a good and reliable affiliate program takes quite a little work, just don’t be afraid to invest a considerable amount of time into it because this is the major place where your income will come from. Once you have found a good affiliate program, you can now start to promote your affiliate link strategically (You must find out what works for you and how best to market affiliate products to your audience)

Make reviews on products that you use and trust. If you have used a product and was satisfied or not satisfied you can choose to make a review video for it, the most important thing is: Be very honest with your reviews. At some point you can also receive offers from companies who will want to work with you, you can either be contacted to make a review video for them or promote there affiliate link on your YouTube description

How to Start a Blog and Market Affiliate products

Start a blog for affiliate marketing

Start a blog in a targeted niche and use it to promote a product. Choose a niche you can really not get bored in updating. Starting a blog is by far the cheapest and easiest way to start an affiliate marketing business if you are smart. For example: Start a blog about cosmetics, fashion, etc.

Buy traffic from top pay per click (PPC) sites like Google, Media.net, Facebook and Quora. From this sites you can drive traffic to affiliate products which you are promoting. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC marketing)

Guest post on blogs with bigger audience

As a new player in the affiliate marketing field, while you focus on growing your blog and putting out impressive contents on your blog; it is a good idea to start guest posting for blogs with substantial audience that are relevant to your niche. By so doing, you are able to present and market yourself to a larger audience and showcase your expertise on a particular topic. This will in turn drive massive traffic and sales (If you are good enough) to your blog.

Building Email List as an Affiliate Marketer

An email list is very important for every affiliate marketer because email list helps you reach out and build a healthy relationship with your customers, blog readers and fans.
How to build an email list?
Well you can basically start building up your email list by encouraging your blog readers to sign up to receive blog updates periodically and you can also build email list with a lead magnet. When they do, You can then start to push your contents to your audience (email subscribers) and direct them to your affiliate offers. One important thing to keep in mind while doing this is, just don’t spam there mail boxes, only email them when necessary and moderately (just don’t over-do it) because if you build up a good relationship and trust with your email subscribers, when the they wouldn’t mind purchasing a product from you.

Conclusion: I hope that from my article, you have learnt about affiliate marketing and how to start? If you have any questions or feedback; Kindly drop them at the comment box and I am happy to respond and assist with your concerns.

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